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Aims and Objectives of Trust:
1. To establish, run, maintain and/or grant aids to hospital medical college or schools, nursing homes, senitorium or maternity home, dispensaries and other institution of medical relief for general public.

2. To establish, run, maintain the hospital for the welfare of the poor public and run the hospital on no profit no loss basis.

3. To donate or contribute the income of the trust to any institution, society or person carrying on public charitable objects and/or those similar to this trust.

4. To establish and maintain scholarship and give prize stipends and other aids, including loans and scholarships.

5. To promote physical culture and education and generally to do all acts for improvement of national health and physical development.

6. And generally to grant aid to and utilize the income of the trust estate for cheritable object of general public utility as the trusties may in their discreation think fit and proper, provided, however that on part of income of the trust estate can be utilized by trusties for any objects which is not a public charitable one.

7. It is hereby expressly declared that the trust has not been created for the benefit of any particular contain any provision for the transfer or application at any time of the whole or any part of the income of assest of the trust for any purpose other than a public charitable purpose.

The trust can get the donation/grant and acquire/purchase any movable or immovable property from the govt./semi-govt. or the well wisher of the trust.

Any person who believed in the aims and objectives of the Trust become the number of trust.

Membership fee:
Each member will pay Rs.25/- per month towards the fund of the trust.

Duration of Membership:
1. A member ceases to be a member if he dies or becomes of unsound mind or he resine from the membership.

2. If a member fails to attend five continous meeting of the trust he ceases to be a member.

3. If the member will not pay subscription fee for four months continuously he can be removed from the membership by executive committee.

4. In the case of non payment of subscription fee such member shall have non right to vote in the meeting or any matter.

1. The meeting of the executive committee shall be held whenever necessary by the President or secretary on a request signed by at least any two executive members.

2. The executive committee shall at least meet twice in a year.

3. At least one weak notice for the meeting shall be given to the members.

Governing Body:
1. Chairman
2. President.
3. Vice President.
4. General Secretary.
5. Joint Secretary.
6. Cashier.
7. Members.

Power and Function of the Chairman:
The chairman will preside over all the meeting of the trust. He will be head of the trust and use all the powers given to him from time to time.

Power and Function of President:
The president will preside over all the meeting of the trust every meeting of the trust will be called on his advice. He will be head of the trust and use all powers given to him from time to time.

Power and Function of Vice President:
In the absent of president, the vice president use all the powers given to the president from time to time.

Power and Function of General Secretary:
The secretary will conduct the corresponding of the trust with the members and authorities. He will conduct the meeting of the executive committee general body. He will record the proceeding of the meeting and use all the powers given to him from time to time.

Power and Function of Joint Secretary:
In the absence of general secretary, the joint secretary use all the powers given to the general secretary from time to time.

Power and Functions of the Cashier:
The cashier will collect the donation/grant from the govt. or any other institution. He will collect the subscription. He will present the quarterly statement of income and expenditure in the meeting of the executive committee. He has power to deposite all collection on behalf of the trust in the bank and use all the powers given to hime from time to time.

The funds of the trust shall consist of subscription from members. Donation from public or grant from the govt./semi govt. or other institutions.

The banks of the trust will be any nationalized bank decided by the governing body.

The election of the office bearers will be held every three years by the majority of votes.

Accounts will be maintain from april to march and the accounts will be maintained by the president and cashier with any other member of the trust. The bank account will be opened and operated by the president and cashier jointly and in the absence of president. The secretary and cashier will open the bank account jointly.

Legal Matters:
The trust will settle legal matter through the name of the president or secretary.

Amendment in the Constitution:
For amendment in any clause of the constitution, one weeks notice will be issued by the executive committee under the signature of the chairman to every member of the trust for the calling of the general meeting the amendment should be 2/3 majorities of the members present and vote in the meeting.

Dissolution of Society:
The trust can be dissolved only by the 2/3 majorities of the trust. For dissolution of the trust one weeks noticed should be issued to all the members of the trust. In the case of dissolution of the trust. All the assets of the trust be handed over the trust existed that time whose aims and objects will be similar to the trust.